Social Entrepreneur Corps – Ecuador

*Interview(s) for the funding does not include the internship offer. Any student interested in this opportunity should directly apply for the program on the company’s website.

Company/Organization Profile:

Social Entrepreneur Corps leads innovative and dynamic impact immersion programs in Latin America. As the sister organization to the award-winning Community Enterprise Solutions, you will work alongside social entrepreneurs and local partners as a consultant supporting the creation, growth, and impact of social innovations focused on intelligently alleviating poverty. Together we create sustainable impact in the field. You learn the strategies and tactics that are key to social entrepreneurial success through doing. It is our goal that you then take these lessons learned and apply them to your studies, your career (whatever you might choose to do), and your life.

During days off, there are countless ways to see and experience the country. You can hike the Chimborazo volcano, take a jungle tour in the Amazon, visit the thermal baths around Cuenca or even learn how to make the country’s famous Panama hats.

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Number of Intern(s): 1

Language Requirement: None (Spanish recommended but not required)


Interns will be working on a wide range of social entrepreneurial projects in the field. Whether it is doing pro bono consulting for local startups, or training women entrepreneurs, or assisting in establishing rural credit unions, you will always be engaged in exciting work on social entrepreneurship and international development. 

In Ecuador, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with veteran entrepreneurs to launch new initiatives like women's health and hygiene workshops, and financial literacy classes. Whether high up in the Andes mountains or in partner communities within the Amazon rainforest, you can experience both the country’s broad biodiversity and rich cultural diversity that set Ecuador apart. Social Entrepreneur Corps also collaborates with many of distinct indigenous communities, each with its own local traditions, food, music and dress.

Dates and Duration: Refer to SEC website for internship period

Stipends: SIBC will offer a $2,000 stipend to the selected student.

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