Board of Directors

2018 Sibc Board

The leadership of the SIBC plays a crucial role in the Council's continued success. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Faculty Advisor. The Board of Directors is comprised of the directors for the Council's seven divisions: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, International, Marketing, STEM, and Social Entrepreneurship. The Executive Board meets once a week with the Board of Directors to communicate important information that occurs in each division, and to reassess and align objectives to achieve the Council's overall goals and the SIBC vision.

Meet the 2019 SIBC Board of Directors

Miles Wood, President

Miles is a junior from Kansas City studying applied mathematics and philosophy, politics, & economics. Since joining SIBC, he has been privileged to lead the Consulting division and participate in a number of projects alongside incredibly talented peers. On campus, Miles also pursues undergraduate research and competes in intramural/interhall soccer. Outside of Notre Dame, he enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

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Lorenzo Beer, Vice President

Lorenzo is a junior Finance major with a minor in Theology and Studio Arts. He lives in the Big Red (Dillon Hall) but is from Warren, New Jersey. Last summer, Lorenzo worked for Merrill Lynch in their Private Wealth Management Division, as well as in Tax & Audit at Deloitte in New York City. Next summer, Lorenzo will be interning at Goldman Sachs in their Private Wealth Management Division. He is heavily involved in various service clubs and activities on campus, ranging from the Red Cross Club to Campus Ministry to MoneyThink. When he isn't studying or volunteering, Lorenzo is a ceramics fanatic, so you can probably catch him in Riley Hall late at night most days. If there is anything you need help with or advice on, Lorenzo is always happy to help or at the very least point you in the right direction.

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Miho Koshi, Chief Financial Officer

Miho Koshi is a sophomore majoring in Business Analytics and minoring in Collaborative Innovation (Design). She is from Kanagawa, Japan and currently lives in Flaherty Hall. She has been an active member of SIBC since freshman year, leading or traveling for more than 10 projects, primarily in the Finance division. Outside of SIBC, she is the Undergraduate Student Representative of Student Affairs, a member of Student Government, a dancer at Project Fresh, and a Graphic Designer for the Mendoza College of Business. She enjoys taking photos, dancing J-Pop and Jazz, and jogging. Finally, she loves riding the unicycle. She can be reached at any time through email.

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David Torgerson, Chief Operating Officer

David is a sophomore majoring in Business Analytics and double minoring in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Energy Studies. He is from the Tampa, Florida area and lives in Knott Hall. He has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, primarily in the STEM division as a two-time project leader. He is also an IT Support Technician with the Student Affairs team, and a member of the rock climbing and running clubs. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, work out, and explore new shows on Netflix. Finally, David is very adventurous, and loves going sky diving, cliff diving, and class V whitewater rafting. He is always happy to help with anything related to SIBC or life in general, so feel free to reach out!

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Claire Lowney, Chief Marketing Officer

Claire is a sophomore majoring in Finance and minoring in Theology. She is from Floyds Knobs, Indiana and lives in Cavanaugh Hall. She has been involved in SIBC since freshman year in the finance and marketing divisions. Claire loves jigsaw puzzles, game shows, and running. Feel free to reach out with ideas or questions!

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Monica Laidig, Faculty Advisor

Monica graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science Administration, and currently works in the Center for Career Development as an Engagement Manager and SIBC Advisor. She lived in Lyons Hall as a student and now lives in St. Joseph County. She loves art and design, and has traveled abroad with SIBC students to India, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Panama, Canada, Dubai, and South Africa.

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Yifan Shi, Director of Accounting

Ethan is a sophomore majoring in Accounting and ACMS. He is from Tianjin China, and currently lives Knott Hall. He has been involved in SIBC for the last two years, leading and participating in various projects within the Accounting Division. He enjoys soccer, football, and playing the drums in his spare time. Ethan is very excited to lead the Accounting division and create more opportunities for participants to learn of practical accounting rules in an interesting way.

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Andrea Suarez Martinez, Director of Consulting

Andrea Suarez is a junior Finance and Sociology double major. She is originally from Monterrey, Mexico but grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Andrea has been involved with SIBC’s consulting division since her freshman year and has served as both a member and leader before joining the board. She is currently living off-campus and is a former Farley Hall resident. Apart from SIBC, Andrea has participated in other Notre Dame organizations like JIFFI. Andrea enjoys soccer, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

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Daniel Felton, Director of Consulting

Danny is a Junior majoring in IT Management and minoring in the Hesburgh Program for Public Service. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio and formerly a resident of St. Edwards Hall. He has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, participating in and leading a wide scope of projects. On campus, Danny is involved with the Development Office, MSLA, and ND Cincinnati Club. He is also the offensive coordinator for the PW Flag Football team. In his free time, Danny enjoys college basketball/football, music, reading, and hanging out with friends. Danny is very excited for his upcoming semester of studies in London. He can be reached by email at this time.

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Lauren Weetman, Director of Finance

Lauren is a junior Finance major and Collaborative Innovation minor. She is originally from Los Angeles and is a currently resident of Cavanaugh Hall. Lauren has been a member of SIBC since her freshman year. Outside of SIBC, she is involved in the Investment Club, NDVotes, and as a designer and photographer for Scholastic Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, baking, photography, and film. Please feel free to reach out to Lauren for coffee!

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John Cresson, Director of Finance

John is a finance and philosophy major. Originally, he hails from the swamps of Louisiana, but is now fortunate to call the air-conditioned halls of Duncan his home. He began his involvement with SIBC during freshman year and has not stopped, participating in and leading a number of projects within the finance division. Outside of SIBC, John has been involved with the Investment Club, MoneyThink, and Student Government while also working for the Development Office. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, and cooking. John is never too busy for coffee, so please don't hesitate to reach out to him!

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Isabel Botero, Director of International

Isabel is a junior majoring in Business Analytics and Psychology. She is from Bogota, Colombia and lives in Howard Hall. She has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, mainly in the Marketing and International divisions. She is a Digital Assistant for the Keough School and also helps with International Student Admissions. Isabel likes to hang out with friends, play squash, travel, and read. She is always available to help so feel free to reach out with anything!

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Sherry Zheng, Director of International

Sherry is a sophomore majoring in Finance with double minors in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Sociology. She is from Melbourne, Australia, and lives in PE Hall. Sherry has been involved in SIBC since her freshmen year, mostly in the Finance and Consulting divisions. She is also a student ambassador and student program assistant with the Admissions Outreach and Engagement Recruitment at Notre Dame, as well as a student peer tutor at the Center for the Study of Languages and Culture. Some of Sherry’s interests include traveling, hanging out with friends, running cross country, and watching Netflix. She is always willing to help others with anything related to SIBC or classes, so please feel free to reach out!

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Jennifer Paul, Director of Marketing

Jennifer is a sophomore majoring in Marketing and Economics from the Chicago suburbs. She lives in Ryan Hall and has been involved in SIBC for the past two years. Outside of SIBC, Jennifer is a member of The Shirt Committee and Mendoza Student Leadership. Jennifer loves yoga, running, and grabbing coffee with friends.

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Alexandra Lopez, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Ale is a junior majoring in Computer Science, and she is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She currently lives off campus, and used to live in Pasquerilla East Hall. Ale has been involved with SIBC since sophomore year, and she has been a member or leader of four projects, mostly in the STEM division. She is also a member of the Project Fresh Hip Hop Team and CS for Good, and she works as a technical assistant in the CDS (second floor of the library). In her free time, Ale enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching dance videos on YouTube, and re-watching shows on Netflix. A fun fact about her is that she collects Converse, and has amassed 22 pairs by now! Ale is really looking forward to working with everyone and is always willing to help. If you have any questions, please reach out!

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Nick Seifert, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Nick is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Corporate practice. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio and lives in O'Neill Family Hall. He has two years of experience with SIBC, all within the STEM division. In his free time, Nick likes to watch football with his friends, read thriller novels, and compete on an Intramural Curling team. Nick is a huge cinephile, and loves getting popcorn and seeing movies in the theatre.

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Bruce Morris, Director of Social Entrepreneurship

Born in the jungles of the Philippines and raised in Arizona’s deserts, Bruce Morris is currently a Class of 2020 Management Consulting Major with a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, beginning in the consulting division then transitioning into his new love, the social entrepreneurship division. Bruce hopes to continue forming projects which create impactful improvements for the lives of those less-fortunate both at home and abroad while aiding in the development of the SIBCares initiative. Outside of SIBC, Bruce is a proud trombonist for the Band of the Fighting Irish, participates in intramural Ultimate, and can be found at the Smith Center from 9:15 - 10:30 AM, Monday through Saturday trying to possess the physique of Chris Evans.

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Samuel Cannova, Director of Social Entrepreneurship

Sam is a sophomore in the Program of Liberal Studies with a minor in Business Economics. Hailing from Chicago, he now lives in Siegfried Hall. In addition to SIBC, Sam is active on Class Council, performs research in the Kellogg Institute, and works with JIFFI, a student-run nonprofit loan agency. Outside of class, you can probably find Sam reading, listening to music, or spending time outside. Additionally, Sam shares a half birthday with Latin pop star Marc Anthony!

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