Board of Directors

2018 Sibc Board

The leadership of the SIBC plays a crucial role in the Council's continued success. The Executive Board consists of the Presidents, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officers, and Faculty Advisor. The Board of Directors is comprised of the directors for the Council's seven divisions: Accounting, Consulting, Finance, International, Marketing, STEM, and Social Entrepreneurship. The Executive Board meets once a week with the Board of Directors to communicate important information that occurs in each division, and to reassess and align objectives to achieve the Council's overall goals and the SIBC vision.

Meet the SIBC 2018 Board of Directors

Arturo Prestamo, President

Arturo is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering major from Monterrey, Mexico. He has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, primarily in the STEM division as a Director and in the Consulting division as leader of several projects. Similarly, Arturo has partaken in and has developed service initiatives around the world and is an advocate of developing peace through commercial solutions. In his free time, Arturo enjoys running, photography, and reading.

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Janne Fuss, Vice President

Janne Fuss is a junior Finance major from Bremen, Germany. She lived in Lyons Hall while on campus and has been involved in SIBC for three years, participating and leading various projects in the Finance Division. Previously, Janne was the CFO of SIBC, served as an International Ambassador, and competed in NDIGI challenges. She is studying abroad in Jerusalem this semester, but available via e-mail.

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Lauren Weetman, Chief Financial Officer

Lauren is a sophomore finance major living in Cavanaugh Hall. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA. At Notre Dame, she is involved in the Investment Club, Scholastic Magazine, and ND Votes. Outside of school, Lauren enjoys photography, design, and film.

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Corey Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Corey Miller is a junior Accounting & ACMS major from Fort Wayne, IN. He currently lives in O’Neill Family Hall. During his time at Notre Dame, he has been involved with the Actuarial Science Club, Iron Sharpens Iron, and SIBC. He currently works with Fighting Irish Media and as an intern at Umbaugh. He enjoys running, playing sports, and reading.

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Grace Parker, Co-Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Marketing

Grace is a junior Business Analytics major from outside Philadelphia, PA. She lives in Flaherty Hall and has been an active participant in SIBC’s Marketing Division for three years. Apart from SIBC, Grace works as a Teaching Assistant in the Marketing Department and as a Tour Guide for the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Grace loves to travel and just recently returned from spending her fall semester studying abroad in Fremantle, Western Australia.

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Federico Ivanissevich, Co-Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Marketing

Federico is a sophomore Finance and Economics double major from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While on campus he lived in Dunne Hall and has been an active participant in SIBC for two years. Apart from SIBC, he also helps tutor and mentor high school kids applying to college. Federico enjoys cooking, volleyball, and running.

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Lorenzo Beer, Director of Accounting

Lorenzo is the Accounting Division Director. He is a sophomore Finance major with a minor in Theology and Studio Arts. He lives in the Big Red (Dillon Hall) but is originally from New Jersey. Lorenzo is extremely involved on campus, from Campus Ministry, to Moneythink, to the Red Cross, to the Right to Life Club. His hobbies include practicing piano, photography, and ceramics. If you are interested in seeing some of his pieces or photos, feel free to reach out through email. Lorenzo loves to meet over a meal, so never hesitate to reach out!

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Liam Stewart, Director of Consulting

Liam is a junior Finance and Political Science major, hailing from the beautiful Irish city of Dublin. He has been involved in SIBC for the last two years, leading or otherwise participating in various projects within the Consulting Division. He currently serves as one of the Division’s two Directors, overseeing twelve projects in the areas of management and strategic consulting. During his time at ND, Liam has authored numerous political columns for the Observer, served on the Student Union Board, and is a proud former resident of Fisher Hall.

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Miles Wood, Director of Consulting

Miles is a sophomore from Kansas City studying finance and applied mathematics. Since joining SIBC, he has been drawn to consulting due to the challenging and engaging problems consultants tackle, as well as the incredibly talented and passionate people in the field. Outside of SIBC, Miles enjoys hanging out with friends, playing intramural/interhall soccer, and spending time outdoors.

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Alex Kruszewski, Director of Finance

Alex is a junior Finance and Peace Studies major and European Studies minor, from Erie, PA. He has been a member of SIBC since freshman year, participating or leading 13 different projects. Outside of SIBC, is the Student Government’s Executive Controller, an officer of the Investment Club, EUND, and sits on the campus’ Financial Management Board - a body that approves any and all expenses over $5,000. In his free time, he enjoys sports, playing piano, hanging out with friends, and studying foreign languages.

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Ben Coles, Director of Finance

Ben is a junior Finance and French major from London, England and a former resident of Knott Hall. He has been involved in SIBC since his freshman year, taking part in and leading various finance projects. Outside of SIBC, he has co-founded EUND (European Union Notre Dame) in an effort to allow European students to better integrate to life at Notre Dame. He enjoys golf, tennis and squash in his free time.

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Daren Sia, Director of International

Daren Sia is a sophomore ITM major and lives in Fisher Hall. During his time at Notre Dame, he has been involved with the Chinese Culture Society, Model United Nations club, and Asian American Association. He is very excited to lead the International Initiatives division and give members the opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds and develop their business expertise and analytical skills.

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Sean Scannell, Director of International

Sean Scannell is a junior Electrical Engineering major from Buffalo, New York and lives in O’Neill Family Hall. Sean has been involved in SIBC since the beginning of his sophomore year and has participated in several STEM division projects and two International Division trips. Sean is currently studying abroad in Perth, Australia, but he is available by email. In his spare time, he is an avid rugby supporter and enjoys traveling.

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Carlos Nazario, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Carlos is a junior Business Analytics major from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Carlos has been involved with SIBC since the beginning of his freshman year in the Consulting division. When the STEM division started a year ago, he got involved as project leader with two different projects and now oversees the entire division. He is very excited to present new projects and workshops for students interested in the STEM field.

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Jorge Nazario, Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Jorge is a junior Computer Science major who was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. He has been involved with SIBC since his first semester at Notre Dame where he had the chance to travel and present for a Consulting division project. During his second semester he decided to participate in a Social Entrepreneurship project with Google to work on a more tech-oriented project with Google Analytics and Google Adwords to help a Cambodian NGO. In his sophomore year he worked with the STEM director at the time and together founded the STEM Let’s Code platform. He is currently studying abroad in London while he interns at Publicis Media Sport & Entertainment as a research analyst. He can be reached at any time at his email.

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Bruce Morris, Director of Social Entrepreneurship

Born in the jungles of the Philippines and raised in Arizona’s deserts, Bruce Morris is currently a sophomore management consulting major. He has been involved in SIBC since freshman year, beginning in the consulting division then transitioning into his new love, the social entrepreneurship division. Bruce hopes to continue forming projects which create impactful improvements for the lives of those less-fortunate both at home and abroad. He is currently studying abroad in Milan, Italy but can be easily reached at his email to chat about all things SE or life in general.

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