Global Initiatives

Students in Peking, China


The Council's newest efforts seek to partner with student organizations from universities all over the world with a shared vision to address current economic issues in a collaborative manner.

The SIBC looks to strengthen relations between future business leaders from countries across nations. We believe that business has an opportunity to serve the common good through socially responsible business practices and ethical behavior within the global economy.

Current Initiatives

Peking University in China - SIBC delegates travel to Beijing during the Fall semester, and GVI delegates visit Notre Dame during Spring to collaborate, research, analyze, and gain meaningful understanding regarding relevant global economic forces for China and the United States.

Global Business Leadership Forum - ​​​​​​​Each fall, SIBC invites a cohort of highly-committed council members to engage with a unique cultural and economic environment that routinely influences the global landscape. In partnership with Notre Dame’s extensive international alumni network, students meet with multinational companies to learn more about local business practices and partake in tours to better understand the complex cultural, historical, and sociopolitical atmosphere from the perspective of the local community.