Daniel Pedroza

Class of 2017,

My favorite project would have to be the Product Launch Marketing Campaign with the RCLC. I had a great experience learning about the product to be marketed and coming up with ways in which to raise funds and handle our inventory. My role in this project began as I went to my first meeting almost by accident. In learning about the project I became excited with its great potential for growth. Before I knew it, I was collaborating with contacts from my hometown and setting up a joint fundraiser between a high school and the RCLC group. The project was approved and we established a work relationship between the SIBC and one of the local high schools through which we can continue to collaborate in the future.

Through SIBC, I have learned to not shy away from a challenge. All of the projects demand different knowledge and skills, yet it is nothing that one cannot develop through careful dedication. I also learned how to develop effective business relationships: one would be surprised of what can be accomplished through that first introductory email. 

SIBC has contributed to my professional and personal development in a significant way. Although my interests and future plans led me into the College of Arts and Letters, SIBC stands as a symbol of how collaboration across disciplines is not only possible, but extremely beneficial. 

daniel_pedroza001I believe that the SIBC's mission statement, "Peace through Commerce" really does come alive in the project meetings. I think that it transcends a status as merely an inspirational slogan and really becomes tangible as members of the SIBC work together. I have seen people from many different backgrounds, interests, and skills come together and work in harmony to achieve a common goal. Differences between members become assets rather than drawbacks as each contributes her own bit of wisdom. It has been amazing to see such a large organization operate at this level.

If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be Collaborative and Diversity.