David Wilson

Class of 2002, TL Fab LP

David Willson graduated from Notre Dame in 2002 with a major in Finance. He currently works as a CFO at TL Fab LP.

During his time at Notre Dame, David participated in over ten projects and led the Tanaka Project during his freshman year. He served as SIBC’s Finance Director in 2000 and as President in 2001, and participated in the Bank of Ireland internship program in Dublin.

SIBC was hugely helpful in framing David’s next steps by showing him that his passion was tied to business and providing him with experiences that couldn’t be obtained in classroom settings. Ultimately, David went to work for the Council’s benefactor, Frank Potenziani, with his current role incorporating the  management of offices in Mexico and the Philippines.

As a representation of idealism and betterment, the Council gave David incredible perspectives and a heightened level of respect for different cultures and practices.