Elyse Hight

Class of 2017,

Spring 2014 SIBC Booz Allen Hamilton Presentation

My favorite SIBC project so far was the Spring 2014 Booz Allen Hamilton project. I was on the travel and presentation team for this project. As a group, we were thrown every curveball possible, but we were able to come together and create a great presentation. 

SIBC has taught me that things are not always going to go as planned, so it's important to have the ability to adjust to changes at a moment's notice. I have also been taught the rewards of working extremely hard to finish a product for a presentation. SIBC has also given me exposure to the actual workings of a business consultant and has allowed me to grow into that role. I now have a better understanding of the consulting sectors of business and how tough the actual work can be. 

SIBC Consulting Elyse HightSIBC is unique because it gives you the real world exposure that other clubs cannot. By pairing up students with an actual business firm, members are given the opportunity to play the role as an employer for their company for a semester, which is an invaluable opportunity you cannot find otherwise.

If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be Rewarding and Challenging.