Thomas Emery

Class of 2013, Grosvenor Capital Management, Analyst

2011 SIBC Board of Directors

I graduated from Notre Dame in 2013, after having participated in fifteen different SIBC projects. My involveent with SIBC involved leading the True Partners Consulting and IBM Consulting projects, and serving on the Board for two years as Director of Consulting and Co-President.

SIBC provided an opportunity to network with and present to professionals starting just a few months into my time at Notre Dame, and this was critical to my career development. While I was able to gain relevant knowledge in the classroom, SIBC allowed me to gain real-world experience that was invaluable to my career development in the long-run. Beyond learning about how to research and present a project, I learned invaluable lessons on professionalism and the working world through SIBC. 

2011 SIBC Co-President Thomas EmeryAside from the opportunity to meet with and learn from a number of professionals during projects, being involved with the SIBC allowed me the opportunity to learn from how organizations are run, which is an experience I would never have without SIBC. The friends I made during my time being involved with SIBC are some of the most valuable friendships I made during my time at Notre Dame and continue to make me appreciate how special SIBC is as an organization.


If I had to describe SIBC in two words, they would be Perspective Broadening and Conscientious.